We work with the best suppliers in the business to bring you the ideal combination of high quality and low price. Check out their products and choose the material that works best for you and let us turn it into exactly what you’re looking for. With all that we have to offer, the possibilities are endless. Let us turn the right stone into the perfect countertop for you.



Caesarstone (Elite Dealer): https://caesarstone.ca

Cosentino: https://www.cosentino.com/en-ca

LG: http://www.lghausys.com

Hanstone: https://hanstone.ca/en

Omnia: http://www.omniaquartz.com

Vicostone: https://vicostone.com

Radianz: https://www.radianz-quartz.com

Cambria: https://www.cambriausa.com

Laminam: https://www.laminam.com/en

Ciot: https://ciot.com/en



Ames: https://www.amestile.com

Ceratec: https://www.ceratec.com/en

Centura: https://www.centura.ca

Julian https://www.juliantile.com

Olympia: https://www.olympiatile.com

Midgely West: https://www.midgleywest.com

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