What We Offer

Once you step into our showroom the process has begun. The welcoming sales staff at our front desk are here and ready to assist you with all of your design needs and selections, including measurements, stone, colour, and tile selection.

Once you find that perfect stone to complete your project, we will be happy to leave you with a quote. Once you have chosen the features that work for you, we will set up an appointment for our templater to come to your residence and take the precise measurements using our LT-55 XC laser template machine.

Located near our showroom is our state of the art fabrication facility with the most experienced team in the industry. This is where we receive granite, marble, and quartz slabs from all over the world to be fabricated into your custom project. After the job is fabricated, you will be left in the expert hands of our installation crews. With the benefit of over 24 years of combined experience, our team will ensure that your project is completed in a safe, timely, and professional manner.

Custom Fabrication

Western Marble and Tile comes equipped with the very latest technology in the solid surface industry. We are the first company in Western Canada to incorporate the full digital process into our stone fabrication.

Once a job has been digitally templated, the exact measurements are sent electronically and programmed for fabrication on our state of the art machinery. Every slab that comes through our doors is quality controlled and photographed in high definition. This photograph becomes a digital slab, an accurate depiction of the physical slab to the nearest millimetre. Once the material for a project has been computerized, the digital templates are placed onto the slabs, creating a working layout that is ready for cutting. From here we can create renderings of how the pieces will look from multiple angles that can be emailed to the customer for approval.

After the renderings have been confirmed with the customer the compiled data is sent to the cutting machine, which uses a 15 inch diamond blade to make straight cuts and a waterjet that makes curved cuts through stone using 60,000 pounds of pressure per square inch.

Once cut, the pieces are sent through our edge profiling machine, which carries a set of 64 tools to create a multitude of edges and stunning polishes. Finally, touch-ups are applied by hand, ensuring that each piece will pass our rigorous quality inspection before it is loaded onto one of the installation truck and sent on its way to your home.

Expert Installation

With years of installation experience, our template specialist uses the latest laser technology to template your custom fitting counters. With accuracy beyond perception by the human eye, our templates can account for the slightest discrepancies in a surface to minimize gaps, so even though your wall may not be straight, you can rest assured that your new countertop will fit snugly against it.

Our installation crews offer over 24 years of combined experience and are ready to carry out the final steps in your journey to new countertops. Not only can they give you professional advice on using and maintaining your stone, but they can handle the heavy lifting.

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