Design_Consultatio2From the showroom to fabrication and installation, our team offers the most experience in the industry. You have access to our entire staff as we create your custom design and we are there to help every step of the way. With leading design expertise, our showroom staff is ready to help you choose a material, colour, edge profile, tile, or even suggest creative ideas that you may not have thought of. Because we work alongside many of our city’s top designers, we deal in the new and exciting ideas that pass through our showroom every day.

Send us a drawing of your project with your measurements so that we can get you a quick estimate!
Steps for determining measurements:

1. Draw a rough layout of your project (does not have to be 100% to scale)

2. Indicate measurements as accurately as possible. Be sure to include your desired overhang lengths (Standard is 2” over drawers, 1” on other sides. 12”-14” is the maximum overhang you can have without supporting brackets)

3. Label sink and cooktop placements

4. Label which sides you would like polished (everything but wall sides)

5. Indicate edge profile

6. Determine if splash is needed (standard is 4”, a custom splash is anything over 4”)

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Whether you are looking for granite, quartz or marble, there are many options for you to choose from. You can choose from a wide array of stone that we have in-stock, or visit our suppliers in person and select  your own slab directly from one of their warehouses.

When it comes to choosing between granite and quartz, everyone has their own opinion as to which is better. Ultimately, the material that you choose for your own project is a matter of personal preference. Both surfaces are significant upgrades to any home that will add to the appraisal value, both can handle heavy use, and both can be used to create the décor you are looking for.

The primary difference between granite and quartz is the look. People either prefer the unique character granite or the consistent quality of quartz. Granite, because of how it is formed, is more heat resistant and durable than quartz but does require sealing, which should be performed once every six months to a few years. Quartz requires no maintenance throughout its life but some slight discoloration is possible over the long term.

All of our samples are available to be signed out so that you can see how they suit your environment. When choosing a natural stone, keep in mind that the sample may differ slightly from the slab chosen for fabrication. To minimize any surprise with your final product, we will create a digital rendering that you must approve before we begin cutting your project. You can also come in and view the slab in person. If you are choosing quartz, the slab will match the sample with little variation. Slight variations may occur between batches, but this will not affect the colour or finish and does not require approval before fabrication.

Did you know that most of our inventory is catalogued online? You can now shop for solid stone from the comfort of your own home! Click here to browse our current stock. While we update this website frequently, we cannot guarantee that the stone you find here will be available in the specific size requirements needed. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We work with the best suppliers in the business to bring you the ideal combination of high quality and low price. Check out their products and choose the material that works best for you and let us turn it into exactly what you’re looking for. With all that we have to offer, the possibilities are endless. Let us turn the right stone into the perfect countertop for you.





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With our state of the art edging machine, you have the option of selecting from a wide range of edge profiles to suit any aesthetic.

Our standard edges include eased, pencil, ¼” bevel, 3/8” radius, and our unique and popular crescent edge.

Mid-level edges include bullnose, quarter round, 5/8” radius and the doubled edge in the 2 cm thickness.

Our selection of premium edges include ogee, chiseled, triple waterfall, ogee bullnose, doubled edge in 3 cm, as well as intricate mitre and waterfall edges.

Find your personal sales representative and they will be sure to get back to you:

Eric Flaten - Sales Manager

204-774-0537 Ext: 107

Jodi - Sales and Design Consultant

204-774-0537 ext: 104

Stephanie Lashek - Sales and Design Consultant

204.774.0537 ext 102

Kim Money C.I.D - Sales and Design Consultant

204-774-0537 ext: 101

Eireann Macauley - Sales and Design Consultant

204-774-0537 ext: 105

Allana Wittevrongel - Sales and Purchasing Associate

204-774-0537 ext: 105

*On maternity leave, returning 2018


Frequently Asked Questions

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A: In order to take an accurate measurement of your countertop, the old ones should be removed. This is to ensure we know where to place a seam (if necessary) and cabinet dimensions to work with. When being installed we request that a clear path is available for our installers to carry the pieces in and that any appliance that may be in the way be moved.

A : For granite, depending on the stone, it is recommended that you seal the counter every 6 months to a year. For lighter coloured stones you may seal closer to every 6 months and for darker stones closer to every year. In the case of quartz the material will never have to be sealed.

A: For drop in sinks plumbers can hook up the sink and faucet right after installation. For undermount sinks because we use a urethane product it is recommended that you leave the sink for 12-14 hours to cure.

A: No. Although they are the strongest material you can have for your project, all granite and quartz can break if stressed enough. For this reason it is recommended no one stand or put excessive amounts of weight on granite or quartz

A: Our installers take every precaution to avoid any damages, however, in order to minimize gaps the piece has to fit tight along the walls and small paint chips or scratches may occur. It is recommended you have the pieces installed before putting on finishing touches to your walls.

A: What seams look like will largely depend on the type of material being installed. Our installation crews are very experienced in putting together seams and the majority of the time can minimize the look. In consistent colours such as quartz, although the seams will be the same colour as the material it is more difficult to “hide.” Our seams are also made to break apart if the house of cabinets were to shift. This is so that the seams are fixable and that if something were to shift it would be on the seam and not through the piece itself.

A: Depending on the layout of your project and the size of the slabs we receive it may not be possible to have a seamless kitchen. Many factors including weight, fragility, layout of the house (for installation purposes) are taken into consideration.

A: Granite has hundreds of different sources and can come from any number of countries. The most common sources are Canada, Brazil, India, Spain, USA and Italy

A: We are proud to offer one of the fastest turn-around times for projects. After we have received all information regarding the project (sink, faucent, stove) information, we expect to install in about 10 business days after template. If the job is more complex or outside of Winnipeg it is possible that it could be longer than 10 days but still within a reasonable timeline.

Granite is a natural stone and no two pieces will be completely the same. Depending on when and where the granite was extracted the pieces may differ significantly in pattern. It is recommended you select the slab from our selection or one of our suppliers and that you approve of a digitized drawing before the countertop is fabricated.